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Basset hound aficionados Julie Klausner and Ted Leo go the dogs at Howlabaloo

Why settle for the annual Westminster Kennel Club dog show or the umpteenth viewing of Best In Show when you can have this video, featuring lots of basset hounds hanging out with Friends Of The A.V. Club Julie Klausner and Ted Leo? Alongside Chris Spooner, Klausner and Leo paid a visit to Howlabaloo, the pinnacle of basset hound events in the Long Island area, for a short shown at a recent How Was Your Week Live event. Fortunately, for both basset hound lovers and the rest of America, Klausner and crew thought it best to share the video clip, which features Klausner showing off her interview chops, Leo racing every basset hound up for the challenge, and, to Genevieve Koski’s delight, basset hounds in underpants. Throw in the Ted Leo backing track and the Internet is won for the day.

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