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Most Americans did not vote for Donald Trump, and in the weeks since he nevertheless won the presidency, all those thwarted voters have had many reminders of why they pulled the lever otherwise. Trump cannot stop infuriating people. There are the unfounded provocations on Twitter of voter fraud, the casual undoing of decades of diplomacy with China, his positioning of the transfer of power as a reality show, and the naming of extremist, anti-Islamic, and racist figureheads to positions of real power. Also the SNL tweets, which, please stop.

Many of the people who voted for him are equally brokenhearted, realizing too late that an egotist billionaire did not have their best interests at heart. Indeed, his pledges to “drain the swamp,” “build the wall,” and “lock her up,” among others, have increasingly looked like shallow campaign promises, particularly as he fills his administration with Wall Street hobnobbers and Republican establishment figures, in addition to the aforementioned bigots.

The Tumblr Trumpgrets collects screenshots of these crestfallen Pepes, Twitter eggs, and Stormfront posters, and reading over them induces a warm feeling, trickling down from your head to your toes. That’s right: sweet schadenfreude.

Introducing your word of the day:


Good as “hornswagle” is, “cuck” remains the term to beat:

Even big-shit right-wing supporters of Trump’s are despairing.


This would feel very bad:

There are many, many more Trump-related regrets over at Trumpgrets, and if reading them is therapeutic to you, by all means, have at it. The blog’s creator told Mic they were intended as such. It’s some cold comfort for the 65 million people who cast their vote in favor of Clinton, especially for the express purpose of preventing this clusterfuck, but hey: Each Trumpgret is one less person voting for him in 2020, assuming we make it that long.