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Basically no one is qualified to serve on Taylor Swift’s jury

Especially not these people. (Photo: Joe Mahoney / Getty Images)

The lawsuit brought by former radio DJ Robert “Jackson” Mueller against Taylor Swift, who he claims got him fired from his radio job in 2013, and Swift’s countersuit against Mueller, who she claims groped her during a meet-and-greet at the station, is set to go to trial soon in Denver. Officials are expecting crowds of Swift superfans to show up every day in support of their idol, and have set aside 32 seats in the courtroom and 75 in an overflow room broadcasting the proceedings on closed-circuit TV to accommodate them, according to The New York Times. But that all may not matter if they can’t find 12 eligible citizens of the state of Colorado who don’t know a single thing about Taylor Swift.

According to Jezebel, jury selection in the trial is designed to weed out fans who would be biased towards the singer, and attorneys have circulated a questionnaire among potential jurors with the aim of doing just that. The questionnaire asks if jurors have ever:

  • Listened to Taylor Swift on the radio.
  • Watched a Taylor Swift video.
  • Read about her online.
  • Bought a Taylor Swift album.
  • “Intentionally listened to Taylor Swift through an online service.” (Harder than it sounds, but okay.)
  • Gone to a Taylor Swift concert.

Add “Heard Taylor Swift over the PA at the grocery store,” and there’d be no one left in America to serve, let alone Colorado. As Jezebel points out, these anti-Swiftie measures will likely result in a jury full of older men, which, in a case of a 27-year-old woman versus a middle-aged man, could turn out to be some hot bullshit.


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