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Basically everyone who's guest-starred on 30 Rock will probably be back for the finale

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While we have already learned that 30 Rock's series finale will feature the first reteaming of Nancy Pelosi and Ice-T since their Body Count days, there will also be other, more familiar faces dropping by to say farewell. TV Line reports that it all begins with tomorrow's episode—fittingly titled "Game Over," in that it features a desperate barrage of everything in the show's arsenal that will leave everyone involved wandering around in a daze, wondering what they're gonna do now—which concerns Jack Donaghy's last-ditch effort to wrest control of Kabletown from Chloe Moretz's teen tyrant, leading him to form an alliance with his rival played by Will Arnett.

Also popping up before the end on Jan. 31: Steve Buscemi as Jack's unusually frugal private investigator, Megan Mullally as (presumably) Liz's would-be adoption caseworker, Octavia Spencer as the co-star of Tracy's new movie, and according to Entertainment Weekly, both Salma Hayek and Julianne Moore, reprising their roles as Jack's comically accented amours. No word yet on whether Michael Sheen will be back as Wesley Snipes, like producer Robert Carlock hoped, but perhaps that's one of the few remaining surprises?

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