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Bart Simpson stood trial before Mr. Burns in a British court, hoping not to prove he was innocent of not being guilty

In a story that is amusing to all but those involved, probably, a man named Barton Simpson stood trial before a judge named Mr. Burns in a British court on Monday, finally uniting two men whose lives have likely long been filled with mutual antipathy for Matt Groening. Barton Simpson—who probably went by “Bart” until, oh, around 1990 or so—was charged with taking an antique .38 Smith & Wesson to the airport, for which he was brought before various law-talking guys and one Mr. Burns.

As the original news report quotes an unnamed court worker, “It’s a bizarre coincidence that Bart Simpson is actually on trial in front of Mr. Burns but it’ll proceed as any other criminal case would,” rather than ending in a bad court thingy. Indeed, any hope for calling it off with a writ of “boys will be boys” then grabbing a pint to laugh about it all was dashed by Mr. Burns’ first name not being "Montgomery." In fact, he's only referred to in reports by his title of “Recorder Burns,” a moniker that's probably led to years of being grumpy even outside of The Simpsons, and maybe a lot of awkward jokes about Sony warning about that in the owner’s manual. Anyway, that’s the ordinary, uninteresting truth. But what is truth, if you follow me? [via THR]


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