As part of the gypsy curse that forces him to take at least one dicey gamble for every lauded smash, Barry Levinson will follow up his Emmy-winning You Don’t Know Jack—and the eco-horror film The Bay—by signing on to Gotti: Three Generations. As you may recall from the increasingly incredulous reports on its progress, the mob drama (minus the mob, plus the weepy cancer subplot) recently lost director Nick Cassavetes, who dropped out because of a “scheduling conflict” after he looked at his calendar and suddenly remembered he had a pressing engagement elsewhere, one which was unfortunately at the exact same time he was supposed to be making a movie with the domineering input of the Gotti family and a producer who insisted that he cast Lindsay Lohan, solely for the publicity.

Anyway, now that Levinson is aboard—and hopefully going back to study Bugsy to remember how to do this sort of thing—everything should be smooth sailing, just as soon as Lohan finishes her 120 days in jail and her community service stint scrubbing toilets in the morgue, and Fiore finds a way to cram a Kardashian or maybe a Jersey Shore star in there. (Incidentally, even if you're not interested in that Kardashian tangent, you should still click that link to the Fiore Films website, just to get a taste of the class to come.)