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Barring some aca-tragedy, Pitch Perfect 3 already has its writer

Some of the cast of Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect 3 has most likely found its aca-screenwriter. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Super Bowl Shuffle” lover Kay Cannon, who wrote both the first and second Pitch Perfect movies, is in talks to write the third. There’s no word on what the plot will be, but Cannon presumably knows the Barden Bellas better than anyone, so if anyone can do the characters justice, it would be her.

Of course, that’s assuming any of the most beloved characters return for the third movie. Neither Anna Kendrick nor Rebel Wilson have an option for Pitch Perfect 3, meaning they can either opt out or demand a much higher salary than the $2 million they each got for PP2. Hailee Steinfeld is already locked in for the third film, something that shouldn’t surprise anyone who saw Pitch Perfect 2 and suspected a sequel.


There’s also no word on whether Elizabeth Banks would direct the third film, either. She is one of the film’s producers though, so at the very least, she’ll probably return as her always overdressed a cappella commentator character.

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