Each in its own way, Portland’s Atriarch and Oakland’s Worm Ooroboros explores the atmospheric extreme of doom. It’s no surprise, then, that Barren Harvest—a collaboration between Atriarch’s Lenny Smith and Worm Ouroboros’ Jessica Way—is equally as ethereal. But the duo’s upcoming full-length debut, Subtle Cruelties, carves out a cavern of sound all its own. Built around acoustic guitar, synthesizer, autoharp, and the spectral voices of Smith and Way, the album evokes dusky woodlands, pools of shadow, and the beautiful horrors they contain. But it also feels deeply, harrowingly introspective, as on the heart-stopping track “Claw And Feather,” which is being debuted here.

Subtle Cruelties will be released March 25 via Handmade Birds.