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Barnes & Noble to start selling alcohol, hopes it will be more popular than books

Cougar Town

As we all know, it’s not a great time for bookstores. And in its ongoing quest to make sure it doesn’t join its former competitor Borders in the megastore afterlife, Barnes & Noble believes it has found the perfect way to attract customers: alcohol. According to The Daily Dot, some Barnes & Noble locations are going to start selling beer and wine so you can get lit while reading that complete Shakespeare collection in the corner. The bookselling chain hopes to lure back some of those bibliophiles who have turned to online shopping with the scent of chardonnay. Take that, Amazon! Well, it’s actually not that difficult to consume alcohol while ordering books online. But haven’t we all wanted a place where we can pregame while also appearing extremely literary and sophisticated?

In a presentation to investors during which Barnes & Noble insisted that they are very, very relevant and in tune with the times, the bookstore announced plans to test four redesigned stores that focus more on the café aspect than the whole book thing. Wine, beer, an expanded food menu, and table service are all on the docket for the redesign, which again doesn’t seem to have mentioned anything about books. But maybe mediocre beer on tap and house wine will get bodies in the door better than frappucinos can.


Barnes & Noble’s plan to be the place for your next boozy book club meeting sounds like a hail mary, but some people are already quite excited at the prospect of reading while buzzed:


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