Screenshot: YouTube

If walking into a shrine dedicated to yourself sounds unnerving, chances are you aren’t Barbra Streisand. The musical icon took it in stride when CBS Sunday Morning brought her to visit her old Funny Girl dressing room at the Winter Garden Theater, where School Of Rock is currently running. It turns out the dressing room’s occupant—prominent Broadway actor Sierra Boggess—is something of a Streisand obsessive. Boggess’ décor includes not only photos of Streisand and a framed note from her idol, but also a Streisand-themed saint candle. (“Now this is a treasure,” Streisand deadpans upon seeing it.)

What starts as a trip down memory lane for Streisand transforms into a multigenerational love fest between two Broadway stars. Streisand leaves a note for Boggess—who wasn’t at the theater at the time—and the second half of the video documents the moment Boggess first returns to her dressing room post-Streisand visit. Thankfully, she’s very self-aware about her odd room stylings. “If I was Barbra Streisand and walked in here, I would think I was being set up,” she rightly observes, before adding, “But it isn’t so. We do light the candle.”