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Barack Obama’s gnarly vacation continues as he becomes a video game character

Screenshot: YouTube

Damn, Barack Obama is out here living his best life. Since leaving office, the notable cool guy first turned his hat backward, then he went kitesurfing with his old buddy, knucklehead Richard Branson. Prognosticators throughout the world wondered how his sick post-presidential vacation would unfold next—a Fabric mixtape? An honorary creative position at Kickstarter? A houseboat?

The result is even radder than we could’ve expected, with Obama turning into a video game. Check him the goddamn fuck out:

The NBA 2K series has long let players design their own basketball star to take through a full season of ups and downs, a feature that NykeFaller has used to give our former commander in chief the greatest gift of his life. Thrill through the preposterous And1 mixtape of Obama (suiting up for the Charlotte Hornets, where he probably could’ve gotten drafted in 2012) tossing in a variety of buckets. Anyone who has thrilled to Obama’s dorky basketball antics over the years will delight as he fulfills his lifelong dream of backing Carmelo Anthony down in the paint and then dunking on him.


It’s one more tick off the bucket list for Barry as his truly fucking awesome life continues. It’s the type of wild ride you go on when you know everything is going really smoothly back home.

[via Kotaku]

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