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Barack Obama finally achieves something with certified Billboard hit

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Barack Obama has accomplished many great things in his life, like signing a huge book deal, becoming friends with JAY-Z, landing one of those huge development deals that Netflix loves to hand out, and appearing on an award-winning episode of hit internet comedy series Between Two Ferns (also he was the first black president), but the only achievement that really matters in this world has eluded him—until now. Finally, after 57 long years on this Earth and seemingly constant reminders that he’s a cool dude who likes cool music, Barack Obama has landed on Billboard’s “Hot R&B Songs” chart. One could argue that his political work will have a more lasting impact on society, but surely there’s no political accomplishment as important as getting validated by the actual damn Billboard charts.

This honor is due to Obama’s appearance on “One Last Time (44 Remix),” the latest of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton remixes. Released late last month, the track features Christopher Jackson (who originated the George Washington role in Hamilton) performing a new take on the musical’s “One Last Time” as Obama recites a portion of George Washington’s actual farewell address from 1796. In other words, it combined Hamilton—which people love—and reminiscing about the pre-Trump days—which people also love—and turned it into a cool new song.


“One Last Time (44 Remix)“ debuted at the 22nd spot on the “Hot R&B Songs” chart, but The Hollywood Reporter points out that Obama has technically made two appearances on a couple of now-defunct Billboard charts before this that don’t really count—specifically the old TV DVD sales chart and something called “Billboard + Twitter Emerging Artists.” Nobody cares about TV shows on DVD and Twitter has since been exposed as a miserable hellscape, so we’re counting this as his first real Billboard appearance.

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