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Banksy's identity up for sale on eBay

Some schmoe claims to know the real identity of Banksy—the lovable street artist responsible for the totally not-at-all-fabricated-in-any-way (so says I) documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop. And wouldn't you know it, he/she wants payment for said information. Like, in the form of money. What has the world come to?

The eBay auction went up yesterday, was promptly taken down, then was re-added to include something tangible, which purportedly was the reason it was removed. So, now the winning bidder receives a piece of paper with Banksy's real name written on it. Free shipping.


Will the paper say nothing? Robin Gunningham? Will it be a picture of Keanu Reeves turning water into wine? Personally, I don't care to know who Banksy really is. The world has far too few people with secret identities (that I know of), and I don't want to lose one. So, having recently rewatched The Dark Knight, I know there's only one way to protect the identity of a hooded vigilante, and it is this: I am The Banksy.

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