All those weeks of anticipatory speculation over what sort of crazy spectacle would ensue should Bansky win an Oscar were rendered moot the second Inside Job took the prize, so it only seems fitting that Banksy himself should bring the whole mess to an end with a similar shrug. The above image appeared on a garage in Weston, UK, a reference to the 15-month-old daughter of The King’s Speech producer Simon Egan, who broke her daddy’s Oscar when he handed it to her for some reason. You can draw your own interpretation as to what it might mean—like maybe that he thinks the Oscar is just a (surprisingly fragile) hunk of metal anyway, or that it’s nothing more than a child’s bauble. Or that Banksy is actually 15-month-old girl Lara Egan, and he got an Oscar anyway, so nyah. [via /Film, image via Small World]