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Banksy makes his own Oscar

Movieline is reporting (and has a bunch more pictures, so please go visit) that a new mural has popped up on LaBrea in Los Angeles depicting a Banksy-like character as an Oscar statuette surrounded by storm troopers. Banksy's documentary, Exit Through The Gift Shop, is nominated for Best Documentary, and Movieline asks if this is Oscar campaigning on his part, or perhaps a nose-thumbing at the whole thing. Here's my question: Has a movie that's clearly a work of fiction—c'mon, people, Mr. Brain Wash is a whole-cloth creation of Banksy's—ever won the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature? Its chances seem slim, especially with competition from more serious fare like Restrepo, but it would be a pretty incredible cherry on top of the film's hoodwink. (And I'm not knocking it — I loved Exit Through The Gift Shop. It's on DVD and Netflix instant now, and you should see it.)

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