When considering the music of vaguely rootsy indie-rock outfit Band Of Horses, one likely doesn’t immediately think of “violent biker gangs.” (We always pegged them as more of a “reasonable assembly of college students carpooling in an affordable sedan” sort of group.) But anyway, that’s what the group drew from as inspiration for its new video for “Dilly,” which is a Philip Andelman-directed tribute to the bikesploitation films of the ’60s and ’70s that similarly features lots of longhaired rebels, bloody gunplay, and, uh, synchronized dancing. It’s up right now on IMDB as the site’s first-ever music video premiere. Band Of Horses frontman Ben Bridwell says, “[‘Dilly’] is “the first of our videos to truly capture the essence of what a day in our personal lives is actually like.” Ha ha, fun with press releases.