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Underneath the thin veneer of civility that (sometimes) keeps its nobility from just straight-up strangling each other over dinner, the land of Westeros is a brutal, brutal place. And while the music heard in Game Of Thrones tends to take its cues from medieval music, it would be easy to argue that there’s only one genre really suited to a world so full of decapitations, dragons, head-crushings, gut-stabbings, and mythical world-destroying ice zombies: metal. Apparently the performers behind Belfast-based dance troupe Brutal Ballet agree, because they’ve put together a routine that even Sansa and Arya could agree on, creating a heavy metal-themed Game Of Thrones ballet.


The BBC recently spoke to the group’s choreographer, Bridie Mayfield, about the show, which debuted recently at Belfast’s TitanCon. You can watch that brief interview below, as well as video of the full TitanCon performance—featuring dances set to both the original Game Of Thrones theme song, as well as a metal cover by Lizzard Wizzard.

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