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Bad Teacher 2 to further explore the badness of teachers

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Although 2011’s Bad Teacher managed to paint a complete, if not especially compelling portrait of redemption for Cameron Diaz’s character as she [spoiler] finally decides not to get breast implants, that was only the beginning of the sort-of story. In order to fully delve into the depths of badness lurking within this teacher, Columbia has sought first to adapt Bad Teacher into a CBS sitcom, and now it’s developing a sequel under returning director Jake Kasdan, determined not to let Bad Santa 2 be the only plunge into the moral abyss of menial labor.


According to Columbia’s production president Hannah Minghella, screenwriter Justin Malen has created a new take on the apparent Bad Teacher franchise that “hits all the notes that made the first film such a breakthrough hit,” such as the parts where Cameron Diaz does drugs and says shitty things to children, despite her being a teacher. Malen’s sequel also promises to take the characters “in a new direction that is fresh and fun”—such as maybe southeast, the funnest of all directions. That’s where Knotts Berry Farm is! Anyway, currently Diaz isn’t signed on yet, though one expects she will in light of this new speculation that they might go to Knotts Berry Farm, where she can do more bad things that are comically incongruous with the job of teaching, but maybe this time on roller coasters.

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