Screenshot: YouTube

In what is quickly becoming the most enjoyable part of Super Bowl weekend’s annual ramp-up, the nonsense peddlers over at Bad Lip Reading have returned with a look back at the 2017 NFL season and all the ridiculous things that might have been said. With Aaron Rodgers describing his “most awful-est date” and Miami Dolphins Defensive Coordinator Vance Joseph singing a song about the penny he ate, this video is on par with their previous NFL take-downs from years past.

For those of you unfamiliar with the premise and therefore incredibly confused right now, Bad Lip Reading is what happens when you turn the sound off on everything from presidential inaugurations to HBO prestige dramas and use purposefully shoddy lip-reading techniques to put gibberish in people’s mouths. It’s objectively great, and NFL players’ propensity for randomly yelling words at their teammates makes them the perfect target. Enjoy the video below and have a happy sidewalk day. Hope your sidewalk is happy.