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Bad Lip Reading continues to mine the NFL for source material

With the Super Bowl mere days away, Bad Lip Reading’s surrealist mockery of America’s actual pastime, professional football, continues. Hot on the heels of its recent NFL-mocking video, BLR has now released “NFL 2016: Part Two,” containing four more minutes of gridiron and sideline action with comedic voices and sound effects artfully dubbed in. Many of the players from the first video reappear here, though Denver Broncos fans will either be delighted or horrified to learn that quarterback Peyton Manning has been roped into the tomfoolery in this new video. Here, Manning gives an incoherent answer to a smiling reporter’s question: “Wow, they gave me the brown-noser pedestrian today!” he exclaims “Where you going with that knife?” Adrian Peterson and Aaron Rodgers also put in memorable repeat appearances, with the latter dishing out on-the-fly nicknames to his teammates: “Dumbo! Hippie Power! Plants! English Red Snapper!”

The most amusing sequence this time around involves the Minnesota Vikings’ stone-faced head coach, Mike Zimmer, who seems weirdly unfazed here by the fact that a referee is blowing a whistle directly into his ear. This is one occasion when BLR simply lets a joke play out for a while, and it gets funnier as it goes along, sort of like Sideshow Bob stepping on those infamous rakes. Another amusing moment comes at the expense of the Houston Texans, whose red-and-blue-clad cheerleaders are seen moving in formation to some truly cacophonous, ear-splitting instrumental music. It plays like what might happen if the people in charge of halftime entertainment decided to go in a more artsy, avant garde direction.

[via Uproxx]


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