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Illustration for article titled Bad Bunny releases surprise album just 2 months after his last album
Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer (Getty Images for Spotify)

Mother’s Day isn’t exactly a big news day, let alone a Mother’s Day in the middle of a global pandemic, so good on Bad Bunny for recognizing an opening and taking advantage of it. After all, his only competition on social media’s trending topics are moms and whatever stupid bullshit Donald Trump is doing, so this is a perfect day to drop a surprise album—an album made even more surprising by the fact that Bad Bunny’s last album, YHLQMDLG just came out in March. Titled Las Que No Iban A Salir (“the ones that weren’t going to come out”), Billboard explains that the album is a compilation of unfinished tracks that were “wrapped up on the fly” with the help of some big-name collaborators like Don Omar, Nicky Jam, Jhay Cortez, Zion and Lennox, and Yandel. Gabriela also appears on the track “En Casita,” a self-isolation song that was recorded (and previously released) during the coronavirus lockdown.

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