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Photo: Ben Rothstein (Sony Pictures Entertainment)

Even before all of this virus stuff happened, the box office totals for the year started off a little slow. So slow, in fact, that the disappointing Bad Boys For Life became one of the highest-grossing movies of the year with relative ease. It wasn’t until movies like Sonic The Hedgehog came out that it started to tumble down the charts, but it still hung on in the face of competition like The Invisible Man and Onward. Now, with theaters across the country closed as state governments plead with people to stay inside, Bad Boys For Life is going to stand as the highest-grossing movie of the year for the foreseeable future (it made just over $200 million before all of this went down).


If you missed it in theaters, though, you’ll soon get a chance to see the biggest movie of the year at home. As reported by Variety, Bad Boys For Life is going to follow the trend set by every other movie that was supposed to have a theatrical run this spring by hitting on-demand platforms early. Bad Boys will be available digitally on March 31, and it’ll come to physical media on April 21. Interestingly, Variety also notes that the home video release date is 74 days after it premiered in theaters, which is still somewhat within the normal range for a theatrical release—of course, in any other year, a movie hitting DVD that soon would suggest that it was a box office flop, not the biggest movie of the year. In other words, Bad Boys For Life technically isn’t coming out that early, which is definitely kind of interesting.

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