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Back To The Future: The Musical might be a thing pretty soon

Illustration for article titled emBack To The Future: The Musical/em might be a thing pretty soon

Not since Bertolt Brecht’s “epic theatre” or Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed has a school of drama so reenergized the stage as Broadway’s new Theater Of The Thing I Saw On TNT This Afternoon, a bold reinvention of stories previously confined to mere blockbuster films as shows that tourists can pay hundreds of dollars to see injected with showtunes. And following in the tradition of all those movies-turned-Broadway shows that we already listed with links and stuff here and we’re not going to do it again is a proposed musical adaptation of Back To The Future, the beloved sci-fi epic about the importance of not boning your mom, not just walking around the streets yelling about how you have a time machine, and maybe carrying a spare can of gasoline to go with your time machine car, for Christ’s sake.


Presumably all of these themes and more will be touched on and padded out in song in Back To The Future: The Musical, which Deadline reports is in the early stages of being planned by Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale, and composer Alan Silvestri, who hopefully won’t be asked to add literal lyrics to his Back To The Future theme, as these guys have already proved that would be ridiculous. Meanwhile, Huey Lewis stares at his phone while the hours mockingly tick by.

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