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Illustration for article titled iBack To The Future/i’s clocktower scene recreated in Lego stop motion

In a display of incredible dedication, patience, and time, Macro Lego Universe has recreated the climactic clocktower scene from Back To The Future using Legos and stop motion animation. It’s an impressive shot-for-shot recreation using the film’s original audio and a little help from this particular Lego kit. It’s interesting to note that the film’s chaotic energy and propulsive action translates even when represented in bricks, a testament to both Zemeckis’ original film and Macro Lego Universe’s execution.


The film was shot at Lego fan convention Brick 2014. Unfortunately the recreation cuts off before the audience gets to see tiny Lego Libyan terrorists gun down Doc Brown in a mall parking lot. But there’s always room for a sequel, right? Still no word from Lego as to when fans can expect Lego versions of Huey Lewis and/or The News, but the faithful continue to wait.

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