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Back To The Future recut into the R-rated film it always wanted to be

Back To The Future

Marty McFly suffers the unenviable position of being a rebellious teen stuck in a PG-rated movie throughout 1985’s Back To The Future. McFly may latch on to moving vehicles to skateboard faster, get in scuffles with the school bully, and escape Libyan nationalists looking to enact revenge for their stolen plutonium, but one line his character is never willing to cross that it seems like a realistic teenager would is dropping F-bombs.

A re-edit of the classic film by YouTube user Andrew Robertson changes this and turns Back To The Future into the R-rated film it always wanted to be. Marty plays guitar and blows up the giant amplifier? That deserves a “fuck.” Doc Brown’s clocks are all 25 minutes slow, making Marty late for school? Certainly worthy of an expletive. Marty travels through time in a DeLorean and crashes into a barn? That should just be Marty yelling “fuck” repeatedly through the entire incident. The video finds Marty breaking the shackles of family-friendly entertainment, and the result is a character that seems more like himself than ever.

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