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Back To The Future gets the hypnotic Pogo remix treatment

Illustration for article titled iBack To The Future/i gets the hypnotic Pogo remix treatment

He’s worked his oddly-soothing magic with Alice In Wonderland, Up, and The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air in the past, and now Australian electronic musician Christopher Nicholas “Nick” Bertke, known professionally as Pogo, has given the original Back To The Future his signature remix treatment. Bertke’s standard approach involves taking audio samples from the score, sound effects, and dialogue from a film and rearranging them into dreamy, catchy, and gently surreal soundscapes which he then posts to YouTube. Pogo tends to select extremely brief audio clips from these movies, often no more than an isolated syllable or two, and he juxtaposes them without regard to context, so the “lyrics” of his songs are more like wordless burbling sounds. Such is clearly the case with “Time Machine,” in which Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Crispin Glover, Lea Thompson, and others become inadvertent vocalists.

This particular track is a collaboration with another YouTuber, Skye, who had previously done his own Pogo-style BTTF tribute video entitled “Great Scott.” This one is a bit more caffeinated than “Time Machine,” but it maintains the aurally-pleasing meaninglessness of a genuine Pogo remix.

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