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Back To The Future gets the Eclectic Method remix treatment

The world waits with anticipation for next Wednesday, October 21, 2015, the date when Marty McFly, his girlfriend Jennifer, and his elderly friend Doc Brown traveled into the future from then-present 1985 in Back To The Future Part II. While the world doesn’t have easy access to hoverboards or 19 Jaws films, what it does have is video remixes of some of the most celebrated films in movie history as compiled by exceptionally talented folks. One of those artists, Eclectic Method, has taken his remix approach to the Back To The Future films (focusing mostly on the first two) and produced an entertaining, toe-tapping little ditty.

It’s a fun short that uses audio from the films as well as some additional beats and boops to make up an impressive song out of the beloved Robert Zemeckis films. So sit back, hit play, and get ready to see some serious shit with Eclectic Method’s Back To The Future remix.

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