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Bachelor In Paradise production shut down over “allegations of misconduct”

Corinne Olympios (Photo: Getty Images, Andrew Chin)

Details are pretty scarce at this point, but The Hollywood Reporter says that production on the new season of ABC’s Bachelor In Paradise was abruptly halted over the weekend, with Warner Bros. releasing a statement that says there have been “allegations of misconduct” on the set in Mexico. The studio adds that it is “conducting a thorough investigation of these allegations,” and it will “take appropriate responsive action” once the investigation has concluded. You’ll notice that this statement doesn’t say what those allegations are, which seems significant.

Bachelor In Paradise is a spin-off of the main Bachelor series, and its new season is set to premiere on August 8. Reality show blogger Steve Carbone shared a photo on Twitter that a fan took of the show’s cast at an airport, but it seems like none of them would say anything beyond the fact that they were being flown to Houston. THR says Carbone also noted that the allegations may have involved Corinne Olympios from a previous Bachelor season and recent Bachelorette castoff DeMario Jackson, neither of whom were present in the airport photo.


Jezebel has some other details, with Los Angeles Times reporter Amy Kaufman tweeting reports from an unnamed source that a producer witnessed Olympios and Jackson getting “extremely” drunk on the first day and then getting “very raunchy” in a pool.

[Note: Jezebel, like The A.V. Club, is owned by Univision Communications.]

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