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Baby, you can drive John Lennon's car (as long as it's a Citroën)

The use of The Beatles' music in TV commercials has always been a contentious issue (although we're not sure all these shitty fucking cover versions are an equitable compromise). But Yoko Ono has gone one step further by licensing video footage of Lennon himself to hawk Citroëns. (There may be some irony in squeezing warm-fuzzy nostalgia out of Lennon's earnest plea to discard retroactivity and plow fearlessly into the future, we can't even tell anymore.)

According to Billboard, the commercial has upset a good many Beatles fans, although Sean Lennon has defended his mom's decision on his Twitter page, insisting Ono's motive for licensing her late husband's image "was not financial," but rather "has to do [with] hoping to keep dad in [the] public consciousness."


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