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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Illustration for article titled Aziz Ansaris next comedy special will debut on Netflix, where you dont have to give him $3 million

If the recent news that Aziz Ansari had sold a book proposal for somewhere north of $3 million led you to believe that, from now on, hearing Ansari’s observations would run you several million dollars, don’t worry, poor, probably dirty person who apparently doesn’t have millions to spend on comedy. Ansari’s next special, Buried Alive, will debut Nov. 1 exclusively on Netflix—where, if you’re paying several million dollars to subscribe to it, you should definitely look into changing your plan. Securing rights to Ansari’s special is all part of Netflix’s recently announced expansion into more original comedy and documentary programming, which the New York Times reports will also include upcoming shows from Marc Maron and Kathleen Madigan. And it’s part of Ansari’s continued love affair with Netflix, where his previous specials appear and, according to him, “are recommended to him all the time,” which must be kind of weird. “Ha! Isn’t that weird?” Ansari will say, turning to his giant stack of money.


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