As noted over at our city site A.V. Club New York, savvy super-meta-comic (or should that be meta-super-comic?) Aziz Ansari has made lots of friends in high places of late, and yesterday he stepped out in their service to present a big-time exclusive: a Jay-Z song (with a Kanye West beat) called "Hate." Hear it here. And make sure to save room for a sandwich.

Ansari has been all over the place: as a regular character on the Amy Pohler sit-com Parks And Recreation, in the surprisingly-good-for-a-thing-called-a-"bromance" movie I Love You, Man, in the guise of the dick-swinging comic "Randy" in Funny People, as patron to a star-dazed James Murphy at the MTV Movie Awards, etc. Not bad for a guy who was a lowly Onion intern just a few years ago. (Actually, he wasn't lowly; he was totally rad and energetic and just naturally funny pretty much all the time.)

Go Aziz!