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Aziz Ansari masters his Bobby Jindal impression on The Tonight Show

Master Of None Aziz Ansari reprised his role as deranged sprite and now-former presidential candidate Bobby Jindal on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon Thursday night. Proving he’s very much in touch with the voters, Ansari-as-Jindal clarifies that he’s only suspended his campaign, in much the same way that Han Solo was frozen in carbonite in The Empire Strikes Back. In the bit, the not-Jindal remains weirdly optimistic about his presidential bid, and has already picked a 2020 slogan: “Thaw It Out!”

The faux-Jindal also has some ideas for how to spend his downtime between presidential races: He’s pitching a show to Fox News that involves him traveling across the country to help strangers solve problems. The project is tentatively called BJ’s Across America, which the pint-sized politician acknowledged had put off his family. He’s also dabbling in creating “high-concept nude” oil paintings, including one in which he flies naked on an eagle straight to the White House.

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