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Netflix has evidently determined that we’re all ready to welcome Aziz Ansari back into the entertainment world, because—as reported by Deadline—the streaming service has announced a new comedy special called Aziz Ansari: Right Now that will be released on July 9 (so, next week). The special will be based on Ansari’s recent Road To Nowhere comedy tour, and it was directed by Spike Jonze.


This comes about a year and a half after Ansari was accused of sexual misconduct by a woman he went on a date with, with him staying relatively quiet on the allegation until early this year when he addressed it all onstage, saying, “there were times I felt really upset and humiliated and embarrassed, and ultimately I just felt terrible this person felt this way.” He also added at the time that it forced him to think about his actions more and gave him a “perspective” on his life that he hopes has made him a better person. Between the initial allegations and that public apology, Netflix noted that it was perfectly willing to work with Ansari again after the success of the two season of Master Of None, and it would “be happy to make another” whenever Ansari was ready. There’s no word on if more Master Of None will ever happen, but maybe this comedy special—and the extremely brief lead-up to it—as testing those waters.

You can see a teaser for the special below.

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