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Aziz Ansari hates it when people bug him about Master Of None season 3

(Photo: Netflix)

Being in the TV business means always fielding questions about what’s next, but Aziz Ansari is fed up with being asked about a third season of Master Of None. Ansari explained at Vulture Festival over the weekend that he feels like he needs to “live [his] life a little bit” before coming up with more episodes of the show, and frankly seems unsure about whether or not they will even happen. But really, he just wants some peace.

“The worst time to ask me or [co-creator] Alan [Yang] about whether we’re doing a third season is right after we finished the second season,” Ansari said. “Even just hearing the words ‘season three’ stresses me out. And being asked that in interviews stresses me out. I immediately think of a year of very hard work. Now we’ve just finished the season and now we have other things we want to do.” Basically, Ansari just wants to make the show on his own timeline, explaining: “If I had my druthers—whatever druthers are—any time the notebook was filled up and me and Alan felt like we had a few, we would call up Netflix and say, ‘Okay, let’s do it,’ and make a season three a few years from now.” He also has plans to check in with Dev when he’s 60 years old.


One of the reasons people are so eager to get the dirt from him and Yang is that the second installment ends on something of a cliffhanger. But it seems unlikely we’ll get an immediate follow-up.

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