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Aziz Ansari’s post-Parks And Recreation career has seen him tackle all manner of difficult subjects, from dating in the digital age to the racism he’s encountered as an Indian-American actor. Ansari took his truth-telling ways to the Late Show With Stephen Colbert Tuesday night, where he was promoting his incisive new series, Master Of None. The multitalented multi-hyphenate wasted no time in pointing out CBS’s longstanding lack of diversity—after Stephen Colbert remarked on their similar backgrounds (they’re both from South Carolina), Ansari jokingly declared that Colbert had made history as the first South Carolinian host of The Late Show, who was only the “bajillionth white guy” to hold the post.


Colbert responded by asking if the underrepresentation of people of color in TV and film—an issue that Ansari has addressed in the media and on his show—was at all ameliorated by Ansari’s presence on The Late Show that night. Ansari concurred, calling it “an all-time high for CBS.” Colbert then looked meaningfully at the camera before saying he was just “doing [his] part.” The two men shook hands and moved on with the interview, but Ansari needled Colbert a bit after the host botched the name of the comedian’s book. “Somebody’s gonna get fired,” Ansari joked. “God, I hope it’s a white guy,” Colbert replied, since he undoubtedly has many on his staff from which to choose.

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