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Aziz Ansari and Danny McBride to co-star in comedy that about half of you already dislike on principle

Apparently deaf to the oddly persistent chorus of protests that crop up whenever we so much as mention his name around here, the entertainment industry remains unwavering in its mission to make Aziz Ansari a household name. Yesterday it was announced that the Parks And Recreation star that about half of you seem to vehemently dislike has just signed on to star in a new comedy opposite Danny McBride for Mandate Pictures, the latest project spearheaded by the Rough House production company formed by McBride, David Gordon Green, and Jody Hill late last year. Details about the film are still being kept secret, but we do know that the idea came from Ansari and 30 Rock writer Matt Hubbard, and that Parks And Recreation’s Harris Wittels will handle the screenplay. From our perspective, these are all generally funny people doing generally funny things, so we’re optimistic. But as we’ve learned time and again, nothing is so divisive as the opinion that someone is or isn’t funny, so we understand if you don't share that sentiment. At least most of us can agree that Eastbound And Down is pretty great, right?


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