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Yesterday afternoon, noted Twitter-beef enthusiast and sometimes rapper Azealia Banks decided to start taking shots at former One Direction member Zayn Malik, essentially saying he stole the look for his new video from her.

Unfortunately, what started off with Banks being kind of coy quickly got ugly and racial.

That Tweet caught the attention of Punjabi-Canadian YouTuber Jus Reign.


Reign, real name Jasmeet Singh, decided to flip the rather ugly phrase “curry scented bitch” around, using it as a call to action for hot South Asians from around the globe to show off their flawlessness and make Banks look foolish in the process.


Your “average” #curryscentedbitch …. Smellin more like money. #LehngaCostMoreThanHerCombinedAlbumSales @JusReign pic.twitter.com/pJFrZ1CsCU

— BARS (@NupurSehrawat) May 11, 2016

Azealia B is a mess and I pity her 👳🏽 @JusReign thank you for sticking up for us. #curryscentedbitch and proud of it pic.twitter.com/0Vez13CHGf

— champagne chachi (@ssshailee) May 11, 2016


Reign also took some time to point out that, for someone who’s willing to use “Punjab” as an insult, Banks is pretty willing to borrow from South Asian culture.


In the end, Reign and his fans turned a negative into a positive, and everyone wound up having a good time, except Banks, who issued a half-assed non-apology and got dropped from a British festival lineup.


[Via The Tempest]