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Axl Rose's feud with Steven Mnuchin now has its own merch

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Photo: Mike Coppola (Getty Images)

Six months ago, who would’ve believed that we’d be in the middle of a miserable pandemic and also that we’d be siding with Axl Rose in a very public Twitter feud? Well, if you’d been paying attention to the news in the rest of the world and also you knew that the feud was with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, it would’ve been pretty easy to believe… but still, we live in a weird world, huh? Anyway, for those who missed it, Axl Rose called Mnuchin an asshole on Twitter, which somehow came in response to the widely shared video of Donald Trump visiting a mask factory in Arizona without wearing a mask or observing social distancing guidelines while Guns N’ Roses’ cover of “Live And Let Die” blared in the background. Mnuchin snapped back at Rose with some nonsense, who cares, and then the entirety of social media banded together to join Rose in dropping slam dunks on Mnuchin, his bad tweets, and his bad policies as Treasury Secretary.


This week, recognizing a good opportunity for the Guns N’ Roses brand, the band announced that it will be selling “Live N’ Let Die With COVID 45" t-shirts for a limited time. All proceeds from the shirts, which will set you back $25, will be going to the Musicares COVID-19 Relief Fund. There’s also a big disclaimer on he store page that essentially says Universal Music Group had nothing to do with this, which makes it seem surprising that such a dedicated t-shirt-based burn is being allowed to happen at all. So maybe grab one of these sooner rather than later, unless you want people to think you’re some kind of loser who likes Donald Trump and Steven Mnuchin more than Guns N’ Roses.

You can see an image of the shirt below (via Vulture).

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