Axl Rose has offered an apology to the people of Cleveland for refusing to be a part of the Guns N’ Roses Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction, and in typical Axl Rose fashion, it showed up late. Building on last week’s long letter of passive-aggressive politeness, Rose has followed up by apologizing for not apologizing to the city’s fans who were disappointed he didn’t attend, for which he now apologizes. Rose also provides some further explanation for his decision and the “soul searching” that led to it, while also decrying those who may scoff at the idea he did any “soul searching” by calling him “obsessed, crazy, volatile, a hater, etc.,” likening it to how he once bought a homeless woman a slice of pizza who responded that she wanted soup, so he bought her some soup. “You can get your own,” Rose says by way of concluding that apparently relevant analogy.

Anyway, we would pick it apart further, but Rose has asked that we please don’t, saying, “If anyone does choose to pick this up as has been done previously I'd appreciate if you'd run in full including this paragraph so as not to give a partial picture, have things taken out of context or to imply or inadvertently give the impression this was intended for other outlets.” So you should just read the whole thing, so you don’t get the wrong impression that Axl Rose has some sort of paranoid sense of victimization.