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Illustration for article titled emAwkward./em creator Lauren Iungerich is leaving her own show

Awkward. creator and showrunner Lauren Iungerich has announced she’ll be leaving the MTV series tomorrow, when it wraps production on season three. Iungerich’s departure isn’t quite as dramatic as what Jenna did to Matty a couple of weeks ago (that bitch!), with both Iungerich and the network saying the decision is mutual.

According to Deadline, Iungerich’s decision to leave was “a difficult one,” and based on “a combination of work and personal reasons.” It’s probably worth noting here that the move comes just three months after Iungerich left yet another one of her MTV projects, the comedy pilot Hot Mess, just as it was going into screenings and getting decent traction.


MTV is still looking to extend Awkward.’s run into a post-Iungerich era, currently seeking a new showrunner for an as-yet-unconfirmed fourth season. The second half of the show's third season is scheduled to begin airing in October.

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