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Soon there will be only two kinds of movies: Those that star Awkwafina, and those that do not. And honestly, that’s 100 percent okay. The rapper-turned-mega-acclaimed actress is adding yet another project to her growing to-do list, as Deadline reports that she’s signed on to headline The Last Adventure Of Constance Verity for Legendary. Based on the fantasy novel by A. Lee Martinez, the story follows the eponymous Constance, a young woman whose entire existence revolves around fighting an epic battle against evil, supernatural forces. Since the day she was born, it seems that this has been Constance’s purpose in the universe, so it makes sense that she’d eventually get tired of saving the world all the damn time and just want to do normal things, like kiss boys and eat cheeseburgers or whatever the kids do these days. Unfortunately, like Buffy Summers before her, Constance is “the chosen one,” which makes it nearly impossible to have anything resembling a normal social life. Let a girl binge Love Island already, damn.


There’s potential for the film to spawn a franchise (isn’t that always the case these days), as Martinez published a sequel to his hit novel last year and is currently working on a third installment. The Last Adventure Of Constance Verity is the latest in a series of upcoming high-profile projects Awkwafina has signed on for, including The Little Mermaid (in which she’ll voice Scuttle, the seagull), Marvel’s Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings (the studio’s first Asian-led film), and Ryan Murphy’s adaptation of The Prom (co-starring Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman). And that’s before we even mention her recent stellar performance in The Farewell and her role in the forthcoming Jumanji: The Next Level (aka the one where The Rock plays Danny DeVito). Maybe Awkwafina is Constance Verity.

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