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Awful Waffle! The cast of Salute Your Shorts reunited in Portland last night

That eye thing wouldn't fly these days.

The cast of Salute Your Shorts reunited last night in Portland, presumably to talk about awful waffles and how Camp Anawanna makes them want to fart, even now. The reunion was part of Everything Is Festival, and while an alumni hang happened previously in 2012 as part of Stan Lee’s Comikaze, last night’s reunion was decidedly larger—save for the notable absence of Danny “Budnick” Cooksey. Still, the actors that played Ug Lee, Z.Z. Ziff, Donkeylips, Telly, Sponge, Dina and Michael were there, as was the show’s creator, Steve Slavkin. So far, there’s no good recap of the whole event online, but some posts on Instagram (below) show the cast in good camping spirit They’re all looking pretty good save Kirk Baily, who’s still wearing that damn fishing hat. There’s also a Portland area TV news report featuring much of the cast below, should you be able to tolerate that sort of thing.


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