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Awful couple who crashed White House party given awful reality show

Hey, remember the “White House gatecrashers” who briefly captivated the press last November, and whose stunt—filmed as part of the upcoming D.C. chapter of Bravo’s ever-expanding Real Housewives franchise—spurred all sorts of ethical hand-wringing about the extent to which the craving for reality-TV stardom had poisoned our society, with many saying that the very least the network could do would be to pull her from the show and not reward her fame-whoring? Yeah, they’re going to be on Real Housewives: D.C. anyway. “I think when everyone sees the show they'll agree it was the right thing,” programming executive Andy Cohen said before closing his eyes and retreating to his inner fantasy world where he’s a beeyootiful rich lady with an attitude. Cohen also “rejected the view that Bravo was rewarding Salahi for bad behavior.” Of course not! Bravo is simply enabling the wildly inflated sense of entitlement that produces said bad behavior. Do you get mad at the sun for making the flowers bloom?


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