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Awesome, they released the Aquaman...oh, it’s just a logo

Screengrab: YouTube

We’ve had a lot of fun cracking jokes about Aquaman, because frankly, it’s really easy. But that Justice League trailer made it seem like the DC films are going to be pretty self-aware when it comes to the character, and possess a good sense of humor about Jason Momoa’s long-haired beefcake of a guy who talks to fish. So when word arrived today that DC was releasing a new Aquaman-related tidbit, we were suitably intrigued. Another snippet of test footage? Some cool posters featuring the character pissing fire, à la Wonder Woman? We’d be psyched to see anything Warner Bros. has to…what’s that? It’s just a logo? Oh. Okay.


Let’s take a look at this thing. Well, they spelled “Aquaman” correctly, we can all be happy about that. And yes, that is the symbol given to the character in the DC Cinematic Universe, rendered in 3D form, thereby proving the studio for sure still has access to Photoshop. And, uh, it’s a blue background, evoking the sense of being underwater, something we assume will be happening a lot during the film, so that makes sense. In sum, this is the definition of a “C-minus” news announcement: Nothing much to see, nothing new to know, just a brief reminder that yes, this movie is still happening, pushed-back release date and all. We’re not mad, Warner Bros., we’re just disappointed.

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