The Lego Movie

We’ve all looked at those huge, elaborate Lego sculptures that crop up at malls and outside Lego Stores like cube-fashioned mushrooms and thought, “Man, I’d love to take that thing apart,” right? (Alternatively, we might be a bunch of block-hating, chaos-loving sociopaths.) Either way, one Chinese grade schooler recently lived that beautiful, destructive dream, demolishing a statue from Disney’s recent hit film Zootopia, which reportedly cost around $15,000 (100,000 yuan) in parts and took 72 hours to build.

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The statue’s creator, reported by the BBC as Mr. Zhao, posted pictures of the Lego Nick Wilde, Jason Bateman’s fox character from the film, before and after Hurricane Nine-Year-Old swept through a Chinese mall and smashed it to bits. He also said that he won’t be charging the kid—who apparently crawled under the ropes around the statue, ignoring the world’s least effective “No Touching” sign—for the damage, saying, “The child did not intend to break it.”

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In other news, if anybody on the internet has video of what it looks and sounds like when $15,000 worth of carefully assembled Legos come exploding apart, for the love of god, please let us know.