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Awesome heiress Megan Ellison steals the Terminator franchise away from Lionsgate

Deadline reports that rights to the Schwarzenegger-attached, Justin Lin-directed revival of the Terminator franchise have been snatched away from Lionsgate at the last minute by Megan Ellison, the heiress version of Harvey Weinstein who’s quickly become one of the savviest buyers in Hollywood. She’s a rich girl, and she’s gone too far, and she can rely on the old man’s money (she can rely on the old man's money). But you know it don’t matter anyway, because Ellison’s Anapurna Films has so far applied her vast, Oracle-derived fortunes to financing prestige films—like True Grit, John Hillcoat’s The Wettest County In The World, and most recently Kathryn Bigelow’s Kill Bin Laden and Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master—when she could have used them to buy shoes, like most heiresses. And for Lionsgate it’s a bitch, girl, but considering that shingle’s recent history of pale imitation reboots, craven 3-D jobs on creaky horror properties, and ceaseless factory production of Madea McNuggets, we’re far more interested in seeing what Ellison has in mind.


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