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Illustration for article titled AWEme built a sweet Groot swing set for a guy (and his kid, too)

The perfect gift for the manchild who has everything, including a child of his own, a group of master fabricators and builders put together a pretty dope swing set based on Guardians Of The Galaxy. Break.com’s AWEme YouTube channel debuted Super Fan Builds, a new series where Hollywood prop makers fulfill the wishes of various fans by creating something inspired by what they love.


As host Alison Haislip informs the audience, the Colemans are all fans of Marvel’s space opera, especially the trisyllabic tree character Groot. Master builder Tim Baker and his crew put together a Groot swing set that’s ideal for the child who likes to pretend to be a felonious rodent that has been genetically experimented upon and now hangs out with sentient plant while they commit various spacecrimes. Oh, and swinging—it’s great for swinging.

The final product is very impressive and the entire series has real potential, as its premise is basically a version of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition but centering on one piece of decor and aimed directly at the lucrative nerd market. This episode could only be improved if it ended with Vin Diesel awkwardly pushing the father in the swing set, perhaps while defending The Pacifier.

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