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Aw, Kevin Bacon's Tremors TV show is dead

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Ever-innovative, Syfy appears to have found the one classic franchise that modern television won’t reboot or revive, with THR reporting today that the Kevin Bacon-led Tremors TV show is officially dead at the NBCUniversal-owned network. That’s kind of a shame, honestly, in so far as Bacon’s continued enthusiasm for his early horror-action-comedy hit has always been sort of sweet, so we were hoping it would pay off for him. (Also, Tremors kicks ass.)

Reportedly, Bacon wasn’t the only returning actor coming back to the sandworm-imperiled town of Perfection, with Fred Ward—who played the actor’s fellow shit-kicking freelance handyman, Earl, in the 1990 film—was rumored to be on his way back, too. (That one was never officially confirmed, though.)


Bacon announced the news himself, writing on Instagram that, “Although we made a fantastic pilot (IMHO) the network has decided not to move forward. Thanks to our killer cast and everyone behind the scenes who worked so hard. And always keep one eye out for GRABOIDS!”

At least it’s not like the world was hurting for Tremors content; the franchise eventually spawned five films—mostly starring Michael Gross, who played gun-toting survivalist Burt in the original film—and an earlier TV series, about the town’s residents working with a “tame” Graboid to fend off an evil corporation, because sure, that’s what you’d come up with if someone asked you to work up a Tremors TV show, right?

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