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Avril Lavigne will create the musical equivalent of her engagement to Chad Kroeger by covering a Nickelback song

Nesting awful songbirds Avril Lavigne and Nickelback's Chad Kroeger are currently in the pre-honeymoon phase of their engagement, that magical time couples spend merging their horrible CD collections, screenprinting skulls on each other's clothes, and blissfully blocking showbiz news sites together. But soon it will be time to take their love public in the most Avril Lavigne-and-Chad-Kroeger-from-Nickelback way possible, besides riding into the Mall of America astride a giant parade float resembling a hand throwing up devil horns: Lavigne will cover Nickelback's breakout 2001 single "How You Remind Me" for the soundtrack of the upcoming One Piece Film Z, a film that stars other, non-Avril Lavigne anime creations.

As fans and people who were forced to look up the song in order to write about it will remember, "How You Remind Me" was written by Kroeger about his dysfunctional relationship with an ex-girlfriend. But fortunately no one pays attention to the lyrics of Nickelback songs, and no one involved in this generally thinks about things. Lavigne is also recording a version of Joan Jett's "Bad Reputation" for the film; she is not marrying Joan Jett, though, so it will be slightly less meaningful.


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