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"Avril" "Lavigne" launches "comeback"

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In what’s either a pretty standard attempt to claw her way back into the musical limelight, or the boldest move yet in the industry’s most “Sk8ter Boi”-adjacent grift, the person claiming to be Avril Lavigne has just announced that she’s making a comeback. (Fun fact: You can describe almost anyone as “the person claiming to be…” whoever they actually are, because it’s usually true.) We’ve reported before on the conspiracy theories surrounding Schrödinger’s Avril, with internet foil-hat types convinced that the real Lavigne died in the early 2000s, and that the modern version is her former body double. Either way, someone has a new single out, and it’s got Avril Lavigne’s name on it. That’s all that anyone can say for sure.


Specifically, Lavigne’s social media accounts announced yesterday that a new track, titled “Head Above Water,” would be out today, three years after the Avril-industrial complex’s last released single. Fans of the Canadian singer will presumably be delighted by the new music; fans of making things so damn complicated, meanwhile, will surely flock to the album’s cover art, which we’re sure is jam-packed with “clues” pointing to what’s really going on.

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